710 Pen aka "The OG"

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Our revolutionary 710 Pen is the top ranking personal vaporizer on the market!  

With it's innovative LCD readout, you will never be left guessing anything! 

The LCD battery ranks #1 in customer satisfaction.



- ONE 710 Pen with 5 click shut off system w/LCD readout of inhales and battery status
- ONE 710 Pen Cart (transparent cartomizer)

- ONE 710 Pen Cart shell (for protecting the cartomizer)
- ONE 710 Pen Mouthpiece Inhaler (flat shape with more comfortability)
- ONE Inhaler Cap (for keeping the inhaler clean and hygienic)

The 710 Pen is also compatible with our new 710 Pen Mini!  All 710 Pen products are interchangeable!


CHARGER NOT INCLUDED!!!  Sold separately.
WARNING: When first receiving the pen do NOT try to test the heating element for more than a second or two. Pressing the button for more than a few seconds when the atomizer/cartridge is dry (without oil) will ultimately damage the coil. We test each piece before it is shipped to our customers so we do NOT replace atomizers or cartridges. If you damage the new cartridge you will have to purchase the cartridge or atomizer warranty + shipping. This warranty only applies to clean unused cartridges. We DO NOT warranty used cartridges.
Please do NOT over tighten any of the parts. This will twist the internal wires and snap. This is a common problem with first time users.