Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What's the life span of the batteries?

Average life cycle for a our rechargeable battery is 300 cycles, but much like cell phones, laptops, iPods,etc. the life spans varies dramatically depending on the user. Some cell phone batteries will last years, but the exact same cell phone, but different user only last a few months. Because there are so many factors involved, it's hard to say, but if your having problems within the first month, It's probably a defective battery. 


2) Why am I getting less hits after I fully charge the battery? 

All rechargeable batteries have a life span, but the more you drain it, charge it, overcharge it, charge it when it's already charged, etc.. the shorter the life span. For more specific battery problems, search the internet for "battery drains to fast" or "why does my battery drain so fast".

3)  How long does it take to ship?  

5-7 Business Days.  Any orders over $100 ships FREE shipping via USPS for US customers only.

3.1)  Do you ship to P.O boxes?

No. Unfortunately, FedEx does not deliver to P.O. boxes.      

4) Can you use the 710Mini Atomizer with the 710Pen CART?  

Yes, all of our products are interchangeable!   You can use a 710M-Cart with the 710Pen mini Battery and vice versa!


5) How do I clean my pen?

The best way to clean your 710Pen is to removal of any excess essential oil residue from the connection point of the cartridge/atomizer and battery by taking a Q-Tip soaked in isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and gently wipe the excess residue/essential oils.   
DO NOT soak the cartridge, battery or charger in any type of cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol. This will damage the components.
DO NOT clean the heating element with a Q-tip! This will damage the coils. The cartridges and atomizers are meant to be changed so if it's not working properly or not heating up as well. It's probably time to replace it.




710Mini Pen Instructions:

1) Click 5 times to turn ON and 5 times to turn OFF (the mini battery will flash a few times when it is shut off)

2) Twist off the top piece from the 710M-Cart (See Picture Below) : 

         710M-Cart Top and Bottom  

3) Add your Legal Essential Oils to the middle of the heating coil and gently twist on the top and bottom atomizer (See Pictures):


4) Twist your 710M-Cart onto the battery.  (Please be gentle and not over twist the 710M-Cart onto the battery.  

    ATTENTION:  If you over twist the 710M-Cart atomizer will break!  PLEASE BE GENTLE!  

5) Click start button and you're ready for 710TIME!!!

6) CHARGING:  Recharge when your start button keeps flashing on and off.  Use the 710USB Charger to charge your battery until 

    the light on the 710Chargers turns from Red (when charging) to Green when completely charged!